Cubicle Curtains

At Gotcha Covered Commercial, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of cubicle curtains to meet your function, style and budget needs.

Whether you’re looking for something that will last, cubicle curtains that won’t break the bank, or both, we’ve got the perfect solution. Our extensive selection of cubicle curtains come in virtually any combination of color and opacity to match your design requirements.


Professional Business Setting

Cubicle draperies can add privacy, style, and sound control to public spaces.


Fully Customizable

Customize the look with sophisticated hardware, traditional fabric drapes, and a huge selection of colors, fabrics, patterns, and textures.


Safe and Stylish

Our cubical curtains are NFPA 701 compliant and made with 100% inherently flame retardant polyester fabrics.



A variety of materials and other options means you can come in under budget.

For help with your next project, and to get us on your bid list, please reach out to get started today!